Monday, June 28, 2010

Quick Nerdy Update for the Nerds Who Love Us

It's so hard to write up a blog post without giving ample details and photos. I'm always afraid that if I just mention something -- instead of going full-force in detailing it -- I won't return to it and it'll be underrepresented down the line when the family reads it.

Such a sad, sad life for a little blog post.

Nonetheless, I'll drop this quickie in the blog and hope I come back with juicy posts later this week:

*We went to Crater Lake and Bend with Mike and Jan and the fabulous Mimi (Mick's grandmother from Delaware) when they were visiting a couple weeks ago.

*Mick and I took the kids to a Mariners game in Seattle last Thursday. Mema joined us. The M's played the Cubs, who only come to Seattle once every four years. The M's may have lost, but it was an exciting game on a sunny day -- and the kids insisted on staying for all 13 innings. (Yes, it went into extra innings, tied 2-2 in the 9th.)

*We stayed with my parents for the long weekend, visited friends like Jordan West, Dave Lane, and Karen Urlie; we also saw family like Gigi (my mom's mom), Vi and Gran (Don's parents) and Aunt Laurie and Uncle John.

*We went to Mick's 25th High School Reunion at Cheers West.(Curtis '85) and Mick didn't even break out in a cold sweat.

*I started teaching Sticky Slippery Messy Mix-y Texture Camp at ScienceWorks this week, with Dane and Aubs as my helpers. Today we did puffy paint on aprons and then sculpted with shaving cream. Tomorrow it's Ooblek and Homemade Bouncy Balls.

*Wednesday night, my writer pal Maya Creedman Ho (from Mill Valley) and her husband and two kids will stop over on their way home to Marin.

*Friday night Mick and I will go to the Black Crowes at Britt Fest with our friends Marigny and Goody.

That's all for now.



Jennie Englund said...

*You are having SO much fun!

*We miss you!

*Your friends have amazing names.

*Can't wait for the full stories!

Danigirl said...

Save a seat for me the next time you're in town... I knew you were here, but your dance card sounded too full to pressure you into a quickie visit...

Miss you, Anj.
(And, yes, I am a faithful and nerdy follower...)


anjie said...

You're one of my favorite nerds, Dani :) I'm going to try to get up to WA at the end of the summer -- I'll email you when I know the dates. Thanks for reading and writing. xo

michelle clark said...

I also understand that Dane and Aubrey learned how to play cards from their Mimi.

anjie said...

Yes, Michelle! And I have pictures! I'm dying to do that blog post. Mimi was so much fun, and I'm thrilled my kids got the chance to have the quintessential Mimi experience with her and a deck of cards. :)

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