Tuesday, July 28, 2009


There's a lot of info I could leave here, but I'll keep it short since I'm going on week six without a kitchen. The tilers are laying slate tiles in the laundry room and kitchen today and tomorrow. Then we have to seal it, which will take another 3 days to fully dry. I might be able to install cabinets before that, but have to make sure nothing gets the floor wet or too dirty.

It's going to look amazing. It's taking a lot of patience.

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Anonymous said...

Step by step by BBQ by BBQ by BBQed EGGS - yikes!
This too shall pass and you'll be calling out to your gang, "Breakfast is ready, - pancakes, eggs and sausages. Anyone hungry?" Sounds like one of Dane's favorite camp breakfast memories - m -m good!
SEE YOU ALL SOON. Please leave some house organizing for MIke and me - we'll be geared up to do your bid and call.