Sunday, July 19, 2009


Whoa... Took a long blogging break -- settling into life with no kitchen (four weeks now), teaching Sticky Slippery Messy Mix-y Textures Camp at ScienceWorks last week, and traveling north to Astoria for a writing workshop and south to San Francisco for King Tut -- so I'll just ease myself back onto the scene with this mini-update:

We went to Britt Fest last night and had front row (FRONT ROW!) seats to the Cowboy Junkies. Here's Dana and me with our new best friend, lead singer Margo Timmins:


Natalie N said...

Welcome back to blogging! I was wondering how you've been...and how the kitchen remodel has been going. You sound like you're making the most of it though! Hope it gets finished soon? :) Take care!

Kari Quaas said...

Yep. Glad I get it via my Reader. :) I hope the settling in process is going well.

KUrlie said...

Now I see where you posted her name An, I'd only seen your FB post before. These are great pics - you guys look like you're having so much fun:)

KUrlie said...

I can't believe I deleted the j in Anj. It's ridiculous that I'm still online - it's way past my bedtime and my stupid typing proves it.

Cyrus and Annie said...

ASTORIA!!! You were in Astoria and didn't even come see us (and our awesome red house)? I would have even picked up the toys for you!

Just kidding!! I hope you had fun!!

Kitchen re-models are heck. That was the hardest part of our whole remodel--the kids all got the pukes as soon as the sink was pulled out.