Sunday, July 19, 2009

R.I.P., Frank McCourt, with your angel on the seventh step.

Angela's Ashes
was an inspired gift to his readers -- and was the subject that saved me when I wrote my first Masters paper. I met him in 1999 at the Associated Writer's Program conference in Buffalo, NY. I was giddy when I met him and told him I'd written my first grad school paper on him and the Angel on the Seventh Step. He was quite sweet in his response when he said, "Well, you probably know more about me than I know about myself."

Aw... May the road rise up to meet you, Frankie M.


Anonymous said...

I thought about you when I saw in newspaper the other day, since I JUST did read your copy of Angela's Ashes this spring. He was a powerful writer. It is amazing that the boys survived such circumstances...of course, some of their siblings didn't.
PS You are amazing the way you meet people. (previous picture of your "new best friend."

Anonymous said...

Terry Gross just ran a repeat of her 1990's interview with Frank McCourt. It's interesting how long he took before writing his first book. He had retired from teaching high school and was in his 60's. But he emphasized that he always felt he was going to write the book about his Mother's life. It just took a while to gel the intent into firm reality. I'm sure the interview is on the Fresh Air website.