Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What is this? you might ask. Well, it's a pile of Dane and Aubrey's friends at stuffed animal camp, each with their own single strand crocheted scarf to keep them warm and show which team they're on. (Shelby? Remind you of anyone we know?)

And what is this? you might ask, although it's probably obvious. This is Aubrey's ice skater.


Shelby said...

Oh my stars... I have such a love-hate relationship with stuffed animals!

Anonymous said...

Aubrey: your ice skater is lovely! Mema

Anonymous said...

Dane & Aubrey,
You know I LOVE your scarves you crocheted for your stuffed animals. I'll teach you some more crocheting the next time we're together.
And, Aubrey, how I love your skater. I'm asking Grandad to copy both your and Dane's skaters and I'd like to put them in a frame back to back. That's going to be so very beautiful. Did Ms.Perez teach the two of you that leg over technique? Yeah, Ms. Perez!
Grammy (Dumbo)