Friday, March 28, 2008


At 8 a.m. today Mick starts day one of his two-day test. This is his second set of National Boards and he's been studying for them off and on for the last six months, and has particularly intensified his efforts this week during his Spring Break.

Tomorrow he tests from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Yesterday he registered for the third set of boards called the WREBs (Western Regional Boards), which he'll take at the end of May. That's the test that's on an actual patient -- where you have to make sure you've set yourself up with a patient who has the right kind of cavity, and then you're tested on how well you treat it.

He's got that nice pit-in-the-stomach feeling, but I have to report he's taking this all like a champ. He'll know the results of part II in a few weeks, but let's just say most people come out of them feeling crappy but have somehow managed to pass.

Go Mick!

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Anonymous said...

Been praying for you, Mick. As you take the exam and come to a stumping question, I've prayed you'd just say, " Lord, help me out here. I know I've studied this material, just help me now to relax and retrieve. Thanks."
That has helped me out a lot when I've been exam stumped. It worked. Maybe this advice is too late but even for clinic testing the end of May, it'll help.
Keep on keeping on. We're cheering for you, Mick.