Wednesday, March 19, 2008

FINAL Finals?

Rumor has it that today Mick just took his last finals for dental school.

Could it be that after quarter #11 he no longer takes finals? Instead, he takes National Boards III late in quarter #12? Sounds good to me.

For the record, he takes National Boards II next Friday and Saturday (the 28th and 29th) -- at the tail end of his Spring Break.

Betcha can't guess what Mick's going to be doing for his Spring Break...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to be so late with this 'Sausalito Sketch" input. I'd read it but my focus was on getting out the "Christmas???" newstetter. That's been achieved!!!!!! - before March slipped by. Next year I hope to do better.
But in the interim I've not stopped praying for your family and Kai's - that's a given.
May you have successfully passed this portion of your boards, Mick (& Anjie & Dane & Aubrey - It's a team success - Go Team, Go!)
JJJ, Mom, Grammy D.