Thursday, February 28, 2008


with a little bit of slumber

Friends Mia, Gia, and Jade joined us for monkey fun. Dane begged to go to a buddy's house while the girls slept here, so he went to Marcus's and had his own fun.

What Aubrey thinks about when she thinks of her party:
  • it was fun
  • we had a blast
  • we played Polly Pockets
  • we made purses
  • we pretended we were grownups - Mia was the mom
  • I'm six
  • we decorated heart cookies
  • we made balloons - we put stickers on the balloons
  • we slept on the floor
  • we played freeze dance
  • we watched Shrek the Third
  • goodbye from aubrey and anjie

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I stayed a week longer than your Mom's Soapstone experience - just so I could be in your home for your birthday celebration.
It was delightful to see, hear and feel the excitement between you and your friends, Mia, Gia and Jade. What joy you had with each other.
I love you so much 6 year old!