Thursday, February 14, 2008

an afternoon with fancy nancy clancy

Note: I'm typing with fuscia, which is a fancy word for purple.

We got decked out Monday afternoon in fancy frills and headed to Book Passage to meet Robin Preiss Glasser, the illustrator of the Fancy Nancy books. She wore a pink boa and gold butterfly sandals and carried a butterfly wand -- and she signed Aubrey's two Fancy Nancy books and her friend Asia Blue's too.

Even Dane came along and got into the spirit of the event -- I think he figured that's what you do when you have a sister. He wore the Mardi Gras beads his assistant teacher, Ms. Elmore, brought the class that day, and he was particularly interested in meeting a real live illustrator.


Anonymous said...

Fun to see Asiablues' follow-up to Mick & Aubrey's attending her birthday party (Dane was sick). Great to see photos of the kids and for them to meet Glasser and get her newest book.
What were some of your thoughts on the day - Aubrey & Dane?
Brought back many fond memories of my recent stay in your home.

anagotadavida said...

I think the Fuschia colored print was most appropriate for Fancy Nancy! I think if I had to pick one color to be my favorite, Fuschia would be it!!!

Just catching up on your blog, You all look so healthy and alive.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely attire Aubrey chose for the outing. What Fun!