Thursday, February 07, 2008


If you're in the Bay Area, turn your dial to 88.5 fm on Monday the 11th!

My 2-minute essay, "Emergency," will air at 6:07 am, 7:37 am, and 11:33 pm; there will also be a weekend repeat on Saturday at 8:37 am.

If you are not in the Bay Area, but want to listen, go to KQED's archives page and listen to it any time after Monday morning via the web.

This is a refined version of what I wrote about Aubrey's hospitalization last spring. It turns out to be a timely piece, considering current state and national efforts to find a way to provide health insurance for all children.

I sent (an organization started by the founders of a copy of this and they've got my/our story on their site; they also sent my essay on to the Children's Defense Fund and they're using this story to present cases to legislators as they work toward attaining health insurance for all children.

Just at the bottom of this post are some "Labels." Click on the blue links "hospital" and "Joan Blades" to find out more about Aubrey's hospital ordeal last year and to see Joan Blades and learn about her activism. These are posts from March '07. You just have to scroll down past this post after you click on them.

*Soon I'll post Christmas, January, Soapstone, Birthday, etc., pictures and updates. Have to get that dialed in though with the camera...


Anonymous said...

WOOHOO!!! Awesome Anj:)

Natalie N said...

Hey Anjie! I got your email, but we had last minute visitors that came in town, so I missed the live version on the radio. Glad that you had this link on your site! It was fun to hear your voice, and you did a great job. You're such a go-getter; way to go with submitting this and getting an opportunity to share your writing/speaking talents with the WORLD. You're awesome!