Monday, January 14, 2008


My flight arrived in SF from Sea-Tac this morning at 8:30; I went straight to work at 10; I've spent the afternoon packing and playing tennis with the family (the kids got new rackets from Santa!).

I leave for Oakland at 5:30 tomorrow morning to fly to Portland at 9, and then on to Soapstone from Portland. DON'S BROTHER AND SISTER-IN-LAW, DEN AND SUSAN, ARE LOANING ME THEIR VAN! Not only that, but they're meeting me at the airport. I am SO grateful.

I'm also grateful that Grammy Jan accepted our ticket south to help out around here for the two weeks that I'm gone. That'll help Mick stay focused on school -- and allow me to spend two weeks away knowing the kids are having a happy/safe time.

Check out Soapstone at, if you haven't already and you're curious.

Check out to see my housemate. She's published books on autism and is currently working on a novel. We've corresponded via email; she sounds terrific.

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