Friday, January 25, 2008

Dane, I found this picture of you from when you were in Kindergarten. It makes me smile. I wish you weren't sick right now, and I wish I were there to cuddle with you and take care of you and play Fusion Frenzy. I miss you.

I also miss you, Aubrey -- and I can see you behind Dane in this picture! I can't wait to see you and cuddle and play Polly Pockets with you, too. I had fun talking on the phone with you for SO LONG.

Just a few more days, darlins.



Anonymous said...

i mis you mom i cant wait until you get home are you finisht reading i mis you mom love aubrey

dear mom i mis you. i cant wate until you come back mom. love dane

anjie said...

Those are the best notes ever! Thank you for writing to me and telling me how you feel. I'm still reading and writing a lot, but I'm SO ready to come home to you guys. Love, Mom