Friday, May 25, 2007


Here's Kelly and Maya and new baby Emily. Richard's probably taking the picture.
Brief history: Kelly's from the PacNW and I got to meet her because (1) her brother Jordan is in Mick's dental class, and (2) because her brother Jason is a long-time close friend of Kai. She lives about 25 minutes from us and has turned out to be one of my favorite people here.

Brent, Becky, and Sawyer Smith Conklin in Oly. These two were made to be parents -- so glad they finally jumped in.

Steven (we met Steve and Glacier through Kai & Dana) and his new daughter. I want to say her name is Genevieve, but Steve's email attachments always refer to her as "cooing daughter" or "WigglePiggle" or "Papa Loves." Obviously, she's a lucky little girl. Mama Glacier must be the one taking this pic.

*Still waiting to hear from my friend Big Ed, who was over a few weeks ago from SF -- his wife Tine's due any day here.

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