Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bed In A Bath

The kids started the day by moving a number of their toys to a new secret hideaway: the bathtub.

Then they spent the rest of the day moving from room to room devising elaborate games and situations. (Lots of furniture moving, dress up, whispering, and laughing.)

Ended the day with an attempt at sleeping side-by-side, head to foot, in the bathtub -- with pillows and stuffed animals and blankets and a thick Hello Kitty sock over the spout above Aubrey's head.

That lasted about 30 minutes, with more laughter and whispering, but had to be stopped because every move in there sounded like a bottle of shampoo dropping to the floor -- which would ultimately make for unhappy neighbors below us, no matter how nice they are. Fortunately, the kids had had their fun and were game for sleeping on the floor of their bedroom next to each other, which is where those two little peanuts are now.

As for Mother's Day, nothing could've made me happier today than knowing my kids were having this kind of fun while I (1) spent the morning writing at Starbucks, (2) went for an 11:30 2-hour hike with girlfriends (fellow moms), (3) had a 3 o'clock marguerita outside in the sun on the deck of a sweet little taco shop with said moms, and (4) came home to be with my family and make bbq ribs while the kids still played and Mick studied for an oral cancer test.


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Anj! You're a lucky woman to have such great kids, but they're even luckier to have such an awesome mom.

Love, Karen

Anonymous said...

What fun Dane & Aubrey had bathtub habitating! So reminded me of Carolyin and I sleeping in the tube - remember that story?
And looks like your Mother's Day was truly YOUR day, Anjie.
Where did you hike and with which of your friends?
Hope Mick did well on his exam - surely couldn't have helped to be passing stones and lots of itching. But we know Mick's able to make it through these trials and keep moving on. Go! Mick! Go! We're cheering for you. Almost completed 2/3 of your schooling goal. YEAH!
Hang in there ALL OF YOU.
Mom, Grammy, JJJ