Wednesday, May 16, 2007


It finally showed up on the kids -- ankles and knees and thighs. We think it was the weekend at the rope swing. We all rode it, but Mick and the kids played there longer and went into deeper weeds. If I recall correctly, they were in their shorts and I was in running pants.

So, we've got lots of itchies around here (they're like little blisters or a bunch of agitated mosquito bumps -- that burn). Mick and Dane bought Calagel this morning for all of them and that seems to help.

We'll certainly be studying up on what this plant looks like so we can avoid this problem in the future!


Anonymous said...

Thoughts of speedy recoveries for all of you.
Where is this rope swing? Bet it was lots of fun!
Glad you got some ointment for it. I remember we went to a doc in S.D. who prescribed some type of salve for Kai. He'd been biking with Jonas in the hills near our dwellings.
Love to you all.
Grammy, JJJ, Mom

Cyrus and Annie said...

Yucky. Katie had it too.