Friday, March 02, 2007


On Sunday, Mick had another kidney stone episode (I almost wrote escapade there, but that's NOT even close). He had one earlier this month on Valentine's night.

He first passed a stone last summer on July 5th. A CAT scan then revealed he had several stones in his kidneys that could pass anytime within the next 5 years. Thanks to the vicodin his doctor prescribed for him then (to have on hand for the next passage), Mick made it through okay. Passing the stones tends to really wipe him out, though. Lots of sleeping.

If you're wondering what passing a stone entails, for Mick, there's unbelievable side back pain (think love handles region), moaning, vomiting, and chills. It's really sad.

A CAT scan Monday revealed he still has -- get this -- a 5mm stone in his left kidney. Holy smokes.

He has an appointment with a urologist to see about scheduling some sort of treatment for it...

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Jan & Mike said...

Somehow my comments concerning this blog didn't get to your blobsite. ????
Seems I said, "Sorry about the pain for ALL of you." Dad, having three episodes of kidney stones, lets me easily and empathatically know what you're going through. Hope the urologist can zap the remaining stone so you don't need to pass it, Mick.
I've no gallstones but have found out my gallbladder isn't functioning up to par and need to have my gallbladder removed. Dr. McCowen, the endocronoligist Dad and I go to for diabetes (our primary care dr. also) concurred with Dr. Oh, my gastrologist. I'm seeing a surgeon before CA and will laproscopically have the gallbladder removed after CA.
Speaking of CA - we'll be there in two weeks, yes, that's two weeks.
Mom, JJJ, Grammy
Can hardly wait to get and give hugs to/from Dane and Aubrey, and of course from their dear parents.