Thursday, December 14, 2006

Rough Day

I generally feel up to handling rough days, and, honestly, I don't have very many of them, but let me just take one itty bitty moment to be a whining wimp.

Here are the things that suck today:
*Single parenting for the umteenth day in a row with very little relief

*Mick took his last two finals today (rough for him) and is eating Japanese food at his friend Takashi's house to celebrate (good for him; lame for me)

*Mick still has to study for and take his boards next week (rough for both of us)

*Hauling laundry three flights down to the laundry room (then up) ; especially rough when I've taken a monster bag of back-bugging 5 loads with me, only one washer's available, one dryer is broken, and three other people are edging in on our shared turf

*There are still four loads of laundry to do

*A pile of wet laundry is on my bathroom floor and will have to get dried tomorrow; it'll be really rough if it's mildewy

*Little teeny tiny ants have invaded our bathroom

I'll stop there, but, really, I could go on.

I'll end with something nicer.

Here are the things that didn't suck today:

*The kids and I left the van at home this morning, and left the house early to walk in the rain to school and stomp in puddles

*I ran (figuratively) some errands on foot after dropping off Dane and got a solid hour and a half of walking in before 9 a.m. (no, Aubrey didn't have to walk -- I brought a jogger)

*Mick finished his finals

*The kids and I baked 25 of Aunty Gladys's sugar cookies in the shapes of Christmas trees for Dane's class to frost and splash M&Ms on tomorrow as the last day before break

*The kids cut out teddy bears and gingerbread men and trees and snowmen and decorated them with icing while listening to Jingle Bell Rock over and over and over again

*In 25 minutes the house will be mine and I'll get to read a book and write in my notebook for as long as I can stay awake

I'm sure you've had enough of me for now.

Good night.


Karen Urlie said...

Anj - you just hang in there girl. There will be more days like this, but you'll rally. I am sending you peaceful and calming vibes:)

Love ya,

Jan & Mike said...

Keep an eye on the prize and cherish your 'home-bondage' with the kids. So many parents don't have the option to nurture their kin. The kids are truly blessed by having you in their environment.
Hang in there, sweet Anjie. You'll see the payoff down the road. You and 'yours' are in my prayers, OFTEN!

bigshare said...

Was really feeling bad for you (and still do), but I got happy when you began counting your blessings! Stomping in puddles sounds like FUN!! And I bet Dane's classmates loved the cookies...and frosting them, too. You are a terrific mama. Hope your read time was good. Prayers, Mom