Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bouncing with the B-52s

Kate Piersen's still got it! What amazing vocals - and so much fun to watch on the stage.
I was all set to head to the B-52s with a bunch of girlfriends, but when my kids got wind of it they begged to join us. They love that 80s band -- thanks to Mick's playlist on their iPods. So what started as girls night out turned into family fest (including Mick, who loves 'em too) and it was so much fun! The B-52s have such a great sound you can't even help but jump up and dance.

We attempted beehives - but oops they were mini!

With my pals Lisa, Kerry, and Aubs.

Nic! (Ducky?)

These kids started off with a bang, dancing like crazy to Men Without Hats and Human League, the opening bands in all their 80s glory.

Sawyer and Nic.

Dane and Nic.

Dane tearin it up.

Love Shack!

Rock Lobster

These chicks are so good!

I got me a Chrysler / it's as big as a whale / and it's about to set sail!


Anonymous said...

The B52's flew in and sang and you all danced, sang with them and just plain enjoyed yourself. I'm for that.
What a great eve!
Thanks for sharing. I've now googled and listened to several of B52's songs. I can see (hear) why you all enjoy them.
JJJ/Grammy Jan Jan/Mom

Anonymous said...

What a fun time...and for all of you.
As they say, "dance like nobody's watching." And who cares how you sound. Singing makes the heart glad!

michelle clark said...

How fun! The B-52s are playing at the Houston Zoo on November 4th. I would love to go, but seeing as it is 4 days before my due date, I probably won't.