Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Early in August I got an email from my Aunt Laurie that an impromptu family reunion would be happening in  a few days up in Tacoma. I'd already been thinking of heading up there, to divide up a bunch of my mom's amazing perennials for my in-progress little back yard, but decided not to make the drive up there because I only had a two-day window.

The pull to see family I hadn't seen in years was strong though. I did some soul-searching and some creative thinking, and canceled a Thursday night obligation so I could leave Thursday morning and stay through Sunday.

I'm so glad I did! Mick had to stay and work on such short notice, but the kids and I headed up there excited as could be.

We stopped at the Roseburg Museum of History and Natural History, a museum Aubrey and I had stopped at in May on another trip north. Aubrey said we had to go back with Dane because of its cool pioneer history, as well as its wildlife displays.

Here we are at the museum, a couple hours into our 8-hour drive.

Aubs finds a special book with a goodie inside -- which happens to be bear scat!

She's not touching it, but I swear she gets that inclination to push the envelope from her Dad.

Mr. Sincere.

Archaeologists headed out to dig through layers to reveal Oregon history.

At Spooners Market in Puyallup. He, um, asked me to take this picture...

And again.

And again.

Aubs in Mema's back yard with the Shasta daisies.

Practicing golf with Poppa's club.

Some of the perennials Mom and I spent 5 hours digging up.

More perennials.

Another view of it.
And the mini-reunion: the reason we came! Our Texas cousins had to stay in Texas, but their parents, my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Lorren were in town in their motor home, post-retirement. It was so exciting for all of the PNW Coopers to meet up with them.

Patrick and Peggy's son Zac shows some catwalk moves he learned at modeling school.

My cousin Deric chats with my mom, his sweet Aunt Sharen.

Deric's wife April, whom I finally met!, points somewhere while Dani and her birth-daughter Rachel look on and Patrick gropes Peggy.

Me with my sweet Peggy.

My cousin Patrick with our adorable Aunt Debbie.

Peg joins the kids with a kartwheel.

Then she tries a bridge.

I surprise myself, able to do it!

Aubsie does a back walkover easily.

My Peggy and my Dani.

I love my cousins!

Dani and her daughter Rachel. It was amazing to meet Rachel.

Hard to keep a dry eye seeing Patrick bring Gram in from recovery. She's been in assisted living for a year, but had a heart attack earlier in the week and was still in recovery. She got to come to the BBQ though.

Nic hugs G.G.

Gram with Uncle Lorren, her only son.

Dane can't stop giggling.

Aubs played a smart game of hide-n-seek that day: she sat under me at the grownups table while the seekers looked in vegetation, nooks, crannies, and pretty much everywhere but with the adults.

Everybody's chuckling about pictures of Aunt Sharen. Her cousin once referred to her as a Mack truck. Poor Big Share! She's come a long way!

Our beloved Coopers.

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Anonymous said...

I knew you made the right decision to head to the PNW with Dane & Aubrey. But to view your trip from museum fun & learning to gathering plants from your Mom's yard & Dane 'golfing' and on to Aunt Laurie's and the Cooper reunion was such a treat.
Thanks for the time you take to blog. What a gift for your kids. Similar to Rod's keeping Kate & Scott's 'growing up' years in written form which will be a gift to them, too.
God bless you & yours!!!