Sunday, September 25, 2011

Aubrey Plans a 2012 Yard Sale

As Aubrey and I walked Sharkles today, she informed me she'd like to hold a yard sale.  Today.

After I told her I'd already cleaned out the place and took big loads to the Good Will this month, she was disappointed. So I suggested we start planning one for next summer, setting aside a big box to put things in all year.

"That sounds great," she said. "I'm gonna be the manager."

Then she got to the heart of the issue: "And I'm gonna need a fanny pack."

At least she's got the important stuff figured out.


Anonymous said...

We should have a yard sale too. It'd have to be next summer. Wish we could put our house on the market - would need a lot of organizing, cleaning, etc.
We'll see.
Thanks for the idea, Aubrey.
Lovingly and God bless you all.
Grammy Jan Jan, JJJ & Mom

Jennie Englund said...

You looked so nice at school today! I mean it, you with your ruffly shirt and cute flower necklace.

This story is adorable.