Sunday, June 26, 2011

My American Girl...

magazine reader.

Two more reasons to love Dane:
1 - This morning he got up and read Aubrey's American Girl magazine for thirty minutes, and
2 - He's now made her a tent for said doll and wants me to buy him a zipper so he can sew the doll a sleeping bag.


KUrlie said...

Oh, I just got a little choked up! How totally sweet. He is such a great big brother - Aubs is a very lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

Dane, you indeed are the 'best of brothers'.
How about a picture of the tent and sleeping bag when you've got the zipper? I've scads of zippers - wish we lived closer!!!
Aubrey is indeed blessed to have you as a bro.

Anonymous said...

Dane, I was just ready to ask for pictures to be posted at later date, when I read your Grammy's note. Can't wait to see them. are taking after your dad in the sewing department...too cool!
You are one great kid!