Friday, June 24, 2011

Aubrey Does Plasticine

Hi I'm Aubrey. This is a project that our class did. We watched a children's book illustrator, Barbara Reid, make a book page using plasticine clay. She taught us that we spread plasticine in the back ground, and how to make little clouds and a mouse. Above is a drawing I did first of what I wanted to do with clay. Below is my final product. It took me the whole time before lunchtime.

This is the first one I ever did and I like it a lot because it is a bunny in the sunset, and it was really really fun to make. It took me a really long time but it was worth it.

Now I want to make another one! And I get to at ScienceWorks Camp next week because my mom is teaching a camp called Read it Write it Draw it Do it. She's going to read a book called The Subway Mouse and our class is going to make a bunch of little creatures in big scenes.

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Anonymous said...

So much fun to see you create your art scenes. And that you get to create another picture at Science Works this next week is awesome. Hoping to see a blog of your and Dane's creations.
So fun to see you at the Mariner's game (and to hear you and Regan having fun together - I'm sure others seated near us enjoyed you two, also).
Would enjoy an email or a phone call from you.
Grammy Jan Jan