Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Inspiration

I found one of my favorite poems ever in a box today. The poem was published in The Sun Magazine a long time ago - I have no idea which issue.

Essay on Compassion
--for Stephen Dunn

The cat curled against my wide foot's sole idles himself to sleep.
I tell myself he loves me, past food, warmth, shelter,
past my fingers' rough massage.

I think I know this to be true, but say
I tell myself to prove I'm no sentimental fool,
to leave me one ironic out.

When I cut my hand he lapped blood
where it pooled like cooling grease
but showed me more affection when I cried

for what I thought was loss of what I thought was love;
stared into my eyes, touched my cheek with one dry paw
until I looked away.

The paper tells the story: a giant sea turtle
carried a shipwrecked woman most of two days
before delivering her up to a fishing boat.

How would a biologist dismiss this
as coincidence of instincts, the woman saved
without the turtle caring?

How to explain the turtle's choice,
that it rose beneath the woman twice
before she let herself ride that hard back;

that it didn't dive once in two days;
that as much as we want to say so and do not,
it saved her life because it wanted to?

On every God-road known, compassion's the highest good.
I've never made or saved a life,
but, well-fed in calm salt water and good weather,

that turtle had no stronger thirst that day
than to try on a cast-off human goodness
to see how well it swam.

When this slack-ribbed cat, almost twenty, hearing gone,
gets up to walk his bones across the room, then stops,
seems to slowly reconsider, limps back to where he'd started,

I think it better to assume that when he seems to think
he thinks; that when he seems to love
he loves; that the turtle knew exactly what it did

and what would happen if it didn't.


Anonymous said...

Anj, That really is lovely. I'm so glad you shared it.

Jennie Englund said...

Anjie, you have a knack for finding -- and WRITING -- great stuff.

(I'm sorry I blabbed so much tonight at WG; please know how much I LOVE and ADMIRE "Wet." You are a master, fo sho!)

Marc said...

Beautiful poem. But there are a lot of huge differences in the brain structure between a cat and a reptile.

anjie said...

Marc, thanks for visiting my blog! I always like your science-minded comments on FB -- bring 'em on here on my blog!

If you re-visit this: what do you see as the significant brain differences in a cat and a reptile? And how would that affect the meaning/idea of this poem?


Anonymous said...

What a treasure. Warmed my heart. Thanks for remembering and finding, Anjie.