Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Annual Siskiyou Challenge Fun Run

Ready to run Saturday morning.

Coming 'round the corner at station #2 - in 2nd place!

Coming 'round the corner at station #2 - in 3rd place!

These two maintained their standings and finished in 2nd and 3rd! And it was a middle-schooler who took 1st.

Mick, Sharkles and I were super proud of our runners. They finished a mile (+) in 12:15 and 12:30. Way to go, guys!


Anonymous said...

Dane and Aubrey --- What a great effort you made! I'm glad you could do the run even if the Siskiyou Rooters had to drop out. We're proud of you.
GrandDad Mike and Grammy JJJ

Anonymous said...

Wow, Dane and Aubrey,
Just over a 12-minute mile. We are both impressed, needless to say. We are proud of you too.
Way To GO!!
Mema and Papa

KUrlie said...

Nice job Aubs and Dane! You are two of my favorite runners:)
Love ya, Karen