Wednesday, July 21, 2010

French Braids and Our Aunt's Pajamas


Anonymous said...

Oh, you girls are so clever! What a hoot. Love the way you "girl offset" the jammie tops and bottoms. It's a great visual. Did you sleep well?
Love you, girls!!
Mema / Aunt Sharen

Anonymous said...

Anjie, the room REALLY IS opened up with the wood shutters gone. Loved the shutters, but I think you made an excellent decision.

anjie said...

Thanks, Mom! Looks like you were able to pick out the new curtains and see the shutters I was taking away. Super-sleuth.

It's really nice to have more wall showing - indeed makes it feel bigger.

Looking forward to seeing you guys in August!

Anonymous said...

F-U-N-N-Y ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Glad you got some pictures of this good time.

Anonymous said...

I sent a comment but somehow it didn't arrive at your blog - better than duplicating my messages, right???
I laughed and laughed and laughed - you get the idea.
Will you ever be able to wear those jammies again, Anjie?
Clever idea, girls. What fun you three have together.
Grammy Jan Jan, Grammy Dumbo, JJJ

Anonymous said...

I had a phone chat with Aubrey about how the jammie tops and bottoms came about.
Indi and Barritt overnighted with Aubrey. Anjie leant her jammies to Indi. So Aubrey got cold and managed to slip into Indi's bottoms in front of Indi. This lead to Barritt slipping carefully behind Indi into her jammie top.
I'd love to have seen all of the maneuvering involved to make the threesome in one set of jammies.
What a story. Thanks Aubrey!!
Did I relate your explanation correctly?
Grammy Jan Jan/JJJ