Thursday, July 08, 2010

A Couple Slices of Heaven

Here's where the kids and I are headed for the night with my friend Kerry and her two boys: Southern Oregon's Lake of the Woods.

Here's where Mick's headed tonight, cashing in on his Father's Day gift certificate of a haircut and pedicure: Lotus Hair, Body and Soul (Baby!).

I'm dying to know if he goes for the French Pedi... And of course I'll post, if he does.


Anonymous said...

When I was a sophmore in HS at Medford, one of my friends had a cabin at Lake of the Woods; her family took me with them a few weekends. It was so much fun! and she was an amazing water skier. My kind of girl, a real "tomboy."
What a fun gift for Mick!! Will be interesting to see what he comes back with, since he is a real fun guy. (Hey, I wish my feet were as attractive as those you showed.)
Love you all and have a great time!

Danigirl said...

French pedi, or not, he really has lovely feet!

anjie said...

FYI: He steered clear of the French pedi! But his feet are soooo luxurious now...