Monday, October 26, 2009

The Kentucky Chronicles - Day 3

People take cemeteries seriously here. Lots of cemeteries, lots of gravestones, and most of them with flags or bright flowers. They're especially stunning in the fall.

And look! There's where Daniel Boone's buried! Well, except for his head, which the nice man who buried him decided to set in plaster, and is now on display in the Kentucky History Museum.

Okay, it's more complicated than that. In fact, it's almost confusing. Daniel Boone was buried in an unmarked grave next to his wife Rebekah in 1820. Their graves were unmarked until the 1830's when they were exhumed and taken to Frankfort, the capitol of Kentucky.

However, the Boone family supposedly didn't really want them exhumed, so they quietly let the remains of another, mistaken unmarked slave grave be moved.

So, in 1983, when a forensic expert examined the crude plaster cast made at the time of Boone's reburial, he announced "Boy, this could really be the skull of a Negro."

Uh, yeah. Awkward comment.

So, the plaster cast of the skull buried there tells us it's not actually Daniel Boone buried there? Okay, folks. Show's over. Go about your business.


I would post more tonight, but I've spent an hour and a half uploading pictures from my camera. Show's over for this girl, too, for now. Will try to post again the a.m. if I'm not otherwise inspired.

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