Sunday, October 18, 2009

oh, yeah!

bowling with buddies

pre-partying with grammy and grand-dad

wooping it up with the 'rents and pink-headed sister

bubble gum ice cream - the reynolds ice cream of choice, natch.

ready to rock - thanks to parents and both sets of grandparents

werewolf cupcakes, man.

the birthday boy.

happy 9th birthday, rocco. we love that you insist long hair is 'you,' that everybody who meets you wants to be your friend, that you play your heart out at any sport you play, and that you give really, really good hugs.


Anonymous said...

That's the sweetest, coolest boy ever. Happy Birthday Dane-o! Love you bunches:)


Anonymous said...

Thanks alot Karen.I wish you were there.But I did have fun!:)


Natalie N said...

What? Who is that grown-up boy that I see in those pictures?! I have to admit, that long hair really is "him" and it looks great on him. What a sweetheart! Keep being a wonderful boy, Dane!