Saturday, June 13, 2009

STILL MOVING - will be back to blogging soon

fyi: Last year on June 15, Mick graduated with his DDS degree. This year on June 15, we'll be fully moved into our very first house as homeowners. Hooray!

note: We're remodeling the kitchen. Yes, I've seen The Money Pit - or was it War of the Roses? Whatever. We'll just keep putting our best foot/feet forward and take on the adventure.

pix: Will post them soon.



Natalie N said...

CONGRATS! Man, you guys are ambitious doing a kitchen remodel. I'm impressed! What a fun way to spend your 1 year "anniversary" from dental school. :)

Anonymous said...

we want before and after photos!!!


Maureenie said...

Not to pressure you to start blogging again or anything, but I did want you to know I've been checking your site every 10 days or so. You taught this old dog a new trick.