Tuesday, June 02, 2009

RUSSIAN NINJA prompts our Quote of the Day

You know what I always think about: When does he ever get tired??? -Dane, age 8

Check out this amazing video. Then guess who's signing up for Gymnastics again...

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Anonymous said...

I left our computer downloading Ninja pics - 8+minutes took over 2 hours to download. Now that's just plain ridiculous, right??? Right!!!

So Mike and I watched the video, and Grandpa kept saying, "NO Dane - NO Dane - NO Dane - NO." but he certainly encourages the gymnastic and muscle training. Did you see the arm muscles that fellow had developed? Wow!

You're right, Dane, "When did that fellow rest?"
One thought I had is that his camera shooting friends captured much of his adventures and then someone did amazing EDITING, so we saw lots of repeats. We know he didn't spend 8 & 1/2 minutes straight on climbing, jumping, rolling. But is an amazing video.

Thanks for sharing.