Friday, November 14, 2008

and she plays it so well.
Thanks, pal.

Here's what today's Guest Blogger wrote about the 2nd photo in her 2nd folder:

It's from the California central coast - in Cambria. My Grandma Urlie lived there for about 30 years and I spent some of the very best times of my life playing on those craggy beaches. There are seals out there on those rocks, although since this is taken with my phone, you can't see them very well. And there are huge ropes of seaweed, sandfleas, sea anenomes, starfish, bitty crabs, and other strange creatures on the sand and in the little tidal pools.

This memory is making me cry, because she would have just celebrated her 101st birthday 3 days ago and since she passed away in April, it's the first time in close to ten years that I haven't gone down to spend it with her.

Ever since I was a toddler, when I'd come to visit, we'd get all bundled up and take buckets and shovels to the beach, to dig and hunt to find interesting driftwood, and stones, and shells. And later in her life, she told me she would go to the Grill in town and get a hotdog and drive to the lookout very near this picture, sit in the car, eat lunch, and read my letters to her and write letters back to me.

I miss her so very, very much but am so thankful to have such real memories of our wonderful times together.

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I took the liberty of adding a picture I have on file of Karen's Grandma. Here's Grandma Urlie at age 99.

Agnes Erickson Urlie
1907 - 2008

Thanks for playing, Karen.

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(Now pony up, Big Share, cousin Kare, & JJJ. And you, too, Danigirl: Take 3rd folder, 3rd photo - if you really are SBD!)


KUrlie said...

Isn't she pretty? This picture of her is so perfect, she wore lots of beautiful color and fun jewelry everyday. And I'm so happy that we can see her hands! She was always embarrassed about her arthritic knuckles and age spots, but I thought they were the most beautiful hands. With painted nails and the wedding rings she'd never taken off, even 35 years after losing my grandpa. I held those hands a lot.

Thanks for posting this Anj.

Danigirl said...

Ok... so I am SBD, but I don't know how to upload a photo... not to mention the fact that I only have two folders... LOL.