Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Do people change jobs?

Dane asked us this last night after dinner.

I started to launch into my own spiel about having been a college teacher and a pre-school teacher, when Aubrey says, "Oh yeah, Mom, you were a tour guide in Alaska."

And Dane says, "Oh yeah, Dad, you used to make pizzas and drive a train."

Apparently that's how 'Pizza Time delivery guy' and 'engineer' translates to the eight and under crowd.


Anonymous said...

Love it.
From pizza to trains to teeth.
Keep talking - asking and answering.
Congrats to Barack's next career - president of our country. Wow!
Love to you all and God bless you all,
JJJ, Mom & Grammy

Cyrus and Annie said...

I think I can iagine Mick driving a train...especially a train that might have been turned into a time machine...