Monday, August 25, 2008

elizabethan 1


Yeah, this means I'll need to change the blog title, but I'm going to have to think about it. Don't want to come up with something like Sausalito Sketches. Don't get me wrong, it did the trick, but I'm ready to graduate from a place-oriented alliteration to something else. Ashland Adventures or It's Ashland Ah'ight! aren't going to cut it. See what I mean? (Your suggestions are welcome and will possibly be respected.)

Anyway, this'll be brief for today, since I'm still unpacking this place. Just an FYI, though: that photo above is part of the Elizabethan Theater for the Ashland Shakespeare Festival -- and I have a mini version of that in my back yard. Literally! Our rental house has a little Shakespeare cottage out back that was the Shakespeare booth at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair. From there, it came to the Ashland Shakespeare Festival, and from there it somehow ended up in my back yard. Guess who has a new writing cottage??? I'll post photos and other descriptions of the whole house soon, but that' s a little tantalizing tidbit for now.

In other news...

Dane spent last week in YMCA Basketball camp while Aubrey stuck by my side. (She didn't have any interest in basketball.) I wasn't sure how Dane would like it, since he's never really played except at MiniHawks or in P.E. -- but here's what he had to say about it on his way to the second day of camp:

D: Mom, how long is camp?
A: It's from 9 to noon every day, so that's three hours a day.

D: Boy, yesterday it felt like it lasted ONE MINUTE.

He's already asking be on a basketball team after soccer season.* I think he might even get a hoop for his birthday. We live on a quiet street where we can set one up. And it's likely no one will steal it! (As they might in Marin City. Yes, we do a lot of comparing to Marin City here, with a surprising mix of pros and cons).

Another interaction:

Living by the cousins is thrilling for Dane and Aubrey (and us). Cousin Jude, age 4, was over the other day playing with Dane while the girls were all still at Kai and Dana's.

Dane and Jude came to me and Dane says, "Mom, you know what I just told Jude?" (Jude's standing next to him nodding and repeating occasional words Dane says.) "Jude just said we're cousins, and I told him we're more like brothers. We're brothers, Mom. We're like brothers, aren't we, Jude?" Jude nods vigorously and says, "Yeah, me and Dane brothers." And then they talk a little bit between them, because they have to establish that, yeah, they're actually cousins, too, so Dane adds, "Well, it's really like we're 50% cousins, 50% brothers and 50% friends."

That's right, boys...

Today I signed Dane and Aubrey up for Fall Soccer teams through the Y.


Anonymous said...

What a joy to see an Ashland blog starting up!!!
'REYNOLDS ONSTAGE IN ASHLAND'! hmmm??? or 'REYNOLDS FAMILY BEHIND THE SCENES IN ASHLAND'! more hmming??? or 'ASHLAND RE"ACTS" TO NEW CAST MEMBERS OF MICK, ANJIE, DANE & AUBREY REYNOLDS'! I'll completely understand if these suggestions are rejected.
Setting - Shakespeare performed in town and literally a Shakesperean cottage in your backyard. How did your landlady acquire that? Could be a setup for drama performances and possibly a a 'quiet' writing room. Reminds me of seeing Greig's large home in Norway with many noisy kid-raising sounds filling the environ most anytime of the day. Greig could walk on a path leading from the home, through woods to a small private cottage on a rocky outlook with a view of water where Greig could have solitude and let his creative juices flow to become beautiful musical pieces. Dream on, Anjie. Maybe???

Cast - cousins, sister-in-laws time sharing 'play dates' - clever idea. You quickly figured out ALL the cousins needn't be together ALL the time. Good thinking.


Natalie N said...

How fun! Can't wait to see what creative title you come up with. I bet you'll think of something great in your new writing cottage. :)

That picture of Dane--WHAT?! Is that were I think it is...back in Marin City by the Long's?

Cute recap! Glad to hear how much the kids love seeing their cousins. There's nothing better than being by family. Take care, and happy unpacking!