Monday, August 04, 2008


Aubrey has handled the delay to move to Ashland this summer better than all of us. A move-out date of August 15 means she got her big wish: she got to go to her best pal Gia's birthday party.

It's importance? Well, one morning in May, I learned it. As we were getting ready for school, Aubrey asked me, "Is August before June, Mom?"

I'd quickly answered, "Nope. You know that! You know... June, July, August?" and winked at her and kept brushing my teeth, or something trivial (oops, sorry Mick) like that.

At that point, Aubrey just crumpled onto the floor, sobbing. With huge tears streaming down her face she'd cried, "Then I'm going to miss Gia's birthday!" (That's when we thought we might have to move in June.)

I knelt down beside her shuddering little bod and held her for a while like that, realizing that at that moment she was really grasping our imminent move and what it would mean to say goodbye to close friends. It even made me feel sad to think of what it would mean to leave.

So, anyway, it turns out she didn't have to miss the party, and she/we have been able to say heartfelt goodbyes to all our friends with this extra time. In fact, we've said goodbye to several people several times, but that's just fine by us.


KUrlie said...

This picture is GREAT!!! I'm betting captures the fun time Little Miss had at the party:)

Anonymous said...

I know you really had fun with Gia and friends. How old is Gia?
I recognized you, Gia and Jade. Who were the other girls?
I'm sooooooooooo happy you were able to celebrate her birthday.
What fun you had - special memories you'll take with you to Ashland. And in Ashland you'll meet some more 'best friends' plus you'll be near your 'best cousins ever'!

Natalie N said...

Cute post and picture! How sweet that Aubrey got to fulfill her wish of being there for the big par-tay.
Wow! The move is coming up too soon. Good luck with everything!