Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's not a Craftsman, but it's cool!

We nabbed a great one-year rental last week, up behind Southern Oregon University (SOU). It's owned by an artist who did the remodel herself, and it was written up in the paper. Go here if you want to check it out: http://www.aliciamannix.com/mailtrib1-05.pdf

Two days after we put down our deposit, the owner/artist asked if we'd like her to leave much of it furnished, which is wonderful and hilarious since just the day before I'd written a huge list of stuff we'd have to buy to furnish the place. Things like extra couch, area rugs, coffee table, guest bed, kitchen table, etc., etc., can now be scratched off my list, and can save us some big bucks for a while.

We also told her (only half-jokingly) we'd be happy to display some of her art that admiring guests might want to buy -- we have no large wall hangings and this house looks good with a few of them -- and she said sure! I hope we get to choose which pieces to display.

Other than loving the house itself, it's in a sweet location: within walking distance to the kids' new school, Walker Elementary, and a grocery store. It's also within biking distance to the Y, where we'll probably get a family membership in August.

While in Ashland last week, at the tail-end of our three-week road trip, the kids attended YMCA Super Soakers camp with their cousins. They loved it. They got to bring squirt guns, go to sprinkler parks and water slides and swimming pools, and do silly camp games. To top it off, they got to come home every afternoon and swim in their cousins' pool.

We're back in Marin City now, but we're looking forward to heading up there again. The only catch is that we move out of the apartment on August 1st, we can't move in to the new place until August 15th, and Mick has new job training for two weeks in Eugene somewhere in there. It should be interesting... Kai and Dana might have a guest house available by then, but whatever the case, with some fancy footwork, I'm sure it'll all work out.

P.S. The house has a great yard with a lawn and trees and low-maintenance landscaping. There's a chance she'll sell the jacuzzi before we move in, but we're still crossing our fingers.


Anonymous said...

Mick & Anj: Way to shop!
Wow and awesome!! You got a great deal; furntiture and artwork! Cannot believe it. The light is absolutely wonderful, the floors are awesome, and what I can see of the outside, it looks perfect! Anxious to see it all up close and personal.
Hmmm...do we need any artwork? Not exactly what our house could handle, huh?
I'm sure you are ready to just settle in and start your next life adventure!
(Never could get the link to work so I'm glad you supplied this so we could take a peek.)
Love, Mom & Don

Anonymous said...

Have been anxiously waiting for a new blog. THANKS!
Just, maybe, the owner will let you use 'one' room to store items until mid August.
Surely can see the 'size' difference between 13 Terners and your new digs. Wonderful that the owner will leave some furniture for you. That will let you slowly purchase pieces you'll need if your yearly contract is just that, for the year.
I, too, hope you can 'selectively' choose the artwork. I'm more for realistic pics. Will be fun to see what you pick and choose.
I had fun last eve checking out 'Walker Elem." It sounds like an invigorating atmosphere for the kids. And they'll seem to welcome your help in the classrooms. Maybe, even Mike & I could get involved. ????? Will their cousins attend the same school or one of the two others?
Wow, no more hauling laundry down (and up) 3 stories!!!! THAT'S A HUUUUUUUUGE PLUS!!!
Hope Dane & Aubrey are getting in some time at the Planet and with dear friends in the next two weeks.
Will you drive or haul the van?
Feasible for Mick to bike to Medford and back? 12 miles? How long would that take?
I'm so excited for your family to 'settle in' to Ashland. Ashland doesn't know what an asset to their city is headed their way with your and Kai's family as new Ashlandites. LOOK OUT ASHLAND, HERE COME THE REYNOLDS!!!
Have you thought of making a 'Blog Booklet" of your 3 years in CA? That would be a great re-read and memory jogger.
Much love to you ALL.
JJJ, Mom & Grammy Dumbo
P.S. Dane & Aubrey,bet you love the fact you'll be living near your cousins. Right? God surely answered my prayers that that would happen. Yeah!!!