Saturday, July 05, 2008


We've been on the road for a week and a half. Mick graduated the 15th, we left for Disneyland the 17th with the kids when we got his PASSING boards scores (the last hurdle of graduating -- it took us only 2 hours to plan the trip and leave for it! see blog below), and then headed north to look for work.

The day we headed north, June 23rd, with interviews only in WA, we got a morning email from a Medford clinic -- from an associate in Eugene we had said 'no' to months ago, b/c the only Oregon town we wanted was Medford/Ashland -- and they said they had a sudden Medford opening they needed to fill! Note: with lots of looking, we hadn't come up with any opportunities in Medford/Ashland yet! We were starting to envision ourselves in Bremerton, Olympia, or Bellingham again, but not entirely excited about the weather...

After interviews throughout the PNW and the lone interview in Medford, Medford gets our vote. Mick signs his rockin' two-year contract on Monday with Hayden Family Dentistry, and this family's moving to ASHLAND! We're so excited. Love the place, and love that Mick's cool bro and fam will live there too.

Of course, there's all this deep sadness about leaving Marin, which I've expressed to anyone who will listen before, but I'm a bit assuaged knowing Ashland's just 5 hours from Marin. And I get to keep much of the weather and cultural climate I've loved!

There's also this deep sadness about moving away from SO MANY friends and family who live in Washington, but our big hope is that Ashland will be an appealing destination for them to visit, shacking up with the Reynolds' any day of the year. (We also see WA as a sweet destination point, so they need to keep the air mattress handy for us, too.)

So, we'll be in Ashland next week trying to line up a rental home near downtown (I'm crossing my fingers for a craftsman with a yard) and then we'll be in Marin the last couple weeks of July, hopefully packing up to move.

If I left any details out, leave your comments and I'll spritely write back.


Anonymous said...

Call my cell. Trying to reach you to entice you to let us take you all to the Tall Festival event. There's a heavy "pirate" theme, so lots of fun for the kid in all of us. We can park at the marina and take breaks on our boat. Also, we've ribs to share - Aunt Josephine's July 4, 1976 BBQ recipe. Please call as you read this so we can plan our day(s).
Bet your 4th celebration was a blast!
JJJ, Mom, Grammy Dumbo
P.S. Certainly know this may not work out and that's okeh.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That's awesome. Ashland is great. It usually our overnight stay for any San Francisco to Seattle/Spokane trips. I also had a few "On Stage Alaska" sales propaganda shows in Ashland back in the day. Big fan of the place. Nice weather, , pretty landscape, and good looking people. Seriously, every single person is somehow part of the whole theatre scene and has been an actor at some point in their life, and thus, is pretty good looking. Again, congrats!


Natalie N said...

Great update, Anjie!! Sounds like you guys found a wonderful place to start working and settle down. I am so happy for you that things worked out! What a blessing to have that job. We are so excited for you. And how fun is that to be near family?! Congrats again!