Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Dane and Aubrey,

15 days until White

list of stuff to do:

1. drink hot chocolate/ with marshmallows
2. ski
3. sled
4. swim in the swimming pool
5. open presents
6. read books
7. maybe make a gingerbread house
8. play games
9. laugh a lot
10. fondue

snow is coming soon!

love, Barritt

You're right, B (turning your somersault above) -- we're going to have SO MUCH FUN! xo


Anonymous said...

This list was a homework assignment Monday eve for Barritt. I had no idea it was an email. That's great.
We're all looking forward to our White Pass adventure. That'll really be fun.
And, of course, joining with your family will be a highlight of Christmas for us all.

Anonymous said...

The White Pass website says that they have some snow, That's a good sign. Should be a lotmore ten days from now. There will be fondue. The outdoor swimming pool is big. It has heated water for your body and cold air for your head. Get ready for games and songs. Laughing should be everywhere. See you all soon!

Grand Dad

Anonymous said...

Hi BB I can't wait to come to white pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love, Dane & Aubrey