Monday, November 19, 2007

We decorated for Christmas yesterday. Is that ridiculous, or what?

Now we've got our tree, the little NOEL train, nutcrackers, gingerbread picture frames with baby and family pictures in them, reindeer stuffed in nooks and crannies, advent calendars hung...

It's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I will say, in our defense, that a) we had the time yesterday! and b) we're going to be gone for Christmas. So when the kids are begging for it -- and they're already writing fancy letters to Santa -- I figure it's ok to give in.

We re-arranged the furniture according to Dane's plans. The other morning before school he drew up a floorplan of how the living room should be arranged to accommodate the tree. It looked eerily identical to last year's arrangement, and when my other attempts at arranging the room didn't work out, he was smug and sweet on his success. I've saved the floorplan.

This morning the kids each got up at 6 and rolled a blanket up for a pillow under the tree and laid down under it on their backs listening to Raffi's Christmas album.

This week they're going to write letters to Santa explaining that they won't be in Marin City this Christmas, that they'll be at Mema and Poppa's. They'll remind him of the Puyallup address, but I assured them he's been there before.


KUrlie said...

Thank goodness you posted this. I was feeling weird about wanting to start decorating now, because I'll be so busy in December...BUT NO MORE! I'm totally into it now that I've read your story. So...did they get the specialsuperfun treat you bought while in San Francisco recently??? I'm dying to know the reaction:) Happy Holidays I say!
Love, Karen

anjie said...

Oh! I have to give that to them now, don't I??? They're going to LOVE that set of M&M Star Wars character ornaments. I'm doing it tonight -- maybe for book club so when I drag them there they'll have something to play with while they're being quiet for an hour. Thanks for the reminder. :)

Anonymous said...

Yippee!! Now we will really have to get on it. The kids are coming; let's decorate. Can't wait!!
Mom & Don Mema & Poppa