Monday, November 12, 2007


There should be pix of THE KIDS on Halloween, and they'll come soon, I promise, but, for now, here's 80s Aerobics Instructor Micki (who wore this on his Pedo rotation that week -- yikes), our furball of a friend, Todd (Josh's dad, the Federal police officer), and Pat the "I'M(A)PEACH BUSH" (our friend and local dentist).

This was Halloween night after the Fire Station BBQ and before the fabulous trick-or-treating down Sausalito's Caledonia Street among the local vendors.

Note: Bear with me as I try to catch up on two months' worth of blogs. And, once again, I don't have consistently good use of iPhoto, so this could unfold very strangely. (Obviously.)


Anonymous said...

the picture's not coming thru for me. can you email it?


anjie said...

ok, shelby, but you might be sorry you asked...

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...Those are great costumes. Mick is hysterical, as always!!. The kids had to just love him. The new Richard Simmons? Mom

Anonymous said...

It started out with a "Where'd this come from?" wig. And VERY QUICKLY, as the car pool was soon to arrive - ideas were thrown around the rooms and a few used and VOILA! Mick raced out the door with backpack on and lunch bag in hand and transformed into a hip exercise instructor. Lots of laughs from all of us at home and am sure more laughs from Mick's fellow students, instructors and patients. I know that costume was created in less than five minutes. I contributed my sweat bottoms. I'm chuckling as I write this. Then Mick showed up biking to the firehouse in Sausalito - more laughs. You're a joy to have as a son, Mick.
Lovingly and laughingly,
You fit in well with your scary skeleton children and their fantastic 'zoo' masks and your sweet kitty wife.
And I rang out the day in style. I can't thank you enough, Anjie, for your care that eve. God bless you a thousand times for your care and love and 'if I don't do this - WHO WILL?' attitude. Maybe the care and love weren't even part of it. Possibly??? Love you all LOTS!!!
Mom, Grammy, JJJ