Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Somethin's rotten in Marin City.

After my previous morbid post, you probably think I'm speaking figuratively, but I'm not. This time, I'm being literal.

I've scrubbed my bathroom, where I first noticed a rancid smell -- think dead rat, dead cat, dead neighbor. Then I smelled it in the kitchen, so I scrubbed under my sink (ew!), re-garburated the garburator, loaded all my dishes up and ran them in the dishwasher. I picked up anything on the living room floor, I lit candles in the living room and kitchen, I sprayed a little Pledge on the bookshelf. (Well, really, just one shelf -- there's obviously nothing dead up there, so why go to the trouble? I just needed to spray something clean-smelling.)

But that rotten smell's not going away.

On my way up from my fifth trip to the laundry room (I know now it's not my stinky laundry) I got a clue. New guy coming out of the apartment under mine.

"Hey! Are you one of my neighbors?" I say.

"Uh, no," he says, holding a plastic bag behind his back. "No, I'm just living here for a little while."

Thought nothing of it at that point, said, "Well, hey, I'm your neighbor upstairs," and walked on up.

Now I'm suspicious, though.

Maybe HE'S here to dispose of the dead body.

If it's still smelly tomorrow, watch out -- I'm all over it, fella.


Anonymous said...

What's up? Via phone call you said you'd posted a new 'lighter' blog after the previous one on violence and Marin City.

I expected a 'light' rather fun and uplifting blog.

So, what horror story did you come up with? Scrubbing under your kitchen sink (yikes! wouldn't want to know what's under ours), laundry, laundry and more laundry, and then dusting of all things. What's up? Was this a creative non-fictiion tale?

And then fortelling of a possible stench of a dead body and then running into a visiting 'possisble murderer' below you folks.

Mike's sure this blog is just a joke and I got sucked in. Is he right? or is the stench still there and you've had it checked out by your managers?
And the police have come and handcuffed the visitor and CSI are solving a crime.

Keep me posted, please. Thanks


anjie said...

Hmm... well, maybe 'light' was the wrong word. But it's just a creative re-telling of something that really happened -- supposed to be a sleuth's voice and I guess 'macabre' is just what came out. You were supposed to think of your hero, Dirk Pitt, solving a mystery. But oh well. The stink's gone. Didn't have to pursue it.

Still waiting to use Mick's computer and download pix to blog about. This is the stuff I have to do in the meantime :)