Sunday, June 24, 2007

Camp Food

Dane and Aubrey have been making food in a cooking class at camp* every day. They've made banana-strawberry milkshakes, berry cobbler, banana pancakes with strawberry topping, and spaetzle. Every afternoon they excitedly recall ingredients and procedures for us.

Here is a "recipe" they created themselves this morning (Sunday) for breakfast. They wrote it down so I could make it myself sometime. Here it is:

two Rise Cakes crubld. - Ster it - Put serl in - Brown ShuGr - milk - razins - ster - then-eat-up.

[rise = rice, crubld = crumbled, serl = cereal]

Be sure to let us know if you try it. We'd have two very happy cooks here.

*Dane and Aubrey attend Mill Valley Rec Center's day camp 9-noon M-F. I work 9:30-11:30 with pre-schoolers at the camp, and in addition to my wages, my kids attend their camps for free. They're attending 4 weeks of this day camp, and 2 weeks of Splash camp in August, which will be from 9-4. These are fabulous camps and we are really, really lucky.

In other news, Friday night's Mama Monologues was a huge success. If you want details, email me!


Anonymous said...

Dear Chefs, Dane and Aubrey,

I CRUMBLED the rice cakes.
I STIRRED them with some cereal.
I SPRINKLED the rice cakes and cereal with raisins. I STIRRED.
I POURED milk everything in the bowl.
I ATE and ATE and ATE.
I LICKED my lips.
I SAID to myself, "What a YUMMY LUNCH I JUST ATE. AUBREY and DANE really CREATED a delicious meal."

Please bring some more great ideas for meals that you, Barritt & Indi and Grandad and I can cook.

anjie said...

"That's the best sentence I ever heard!" said Dane (seconded by Aubrey). "Can we make a new one up?"