Friday, April 27, 2007

Post #209 - A basic, general, newsy news kind of post.

No pictures. I can't locate a single photo in iPhoto. Will have to see what Mick can scrounge up this weekend.

Busy weeks here, especially with visitors:

*Mike and Jan were here (Mike for 1 week, Jan for 3). You can read about that in previous posts.

*Jason Hickman squeezed in an Easter weekend visit, up from San Diego, complete with Saturday egg hunt with the kids and a Quentin Tarantino movie with Mick.

*My friends Maureen and Jackie flew into SF and spent last Friday, Saturday and Sunday in town. Mick watched the kids so I could be responsibility-free Saturday and Sunday, but our Willow Creek friends helped out, too. Dane and Aubrey spent the night at their friend Jake's on Friday night, and then did t-ball and the Discovery Museum with their friends Nick and Mia all day Saturday. Mick got them for the late afternoon/night, and then they played at Makayla and Garrett's from 1-4 on Sunday. (I'll do a separate post -- hopefully with pictures -- on the activities with Maureen and Jackie.) Mick studied for a Phramacology test.

*My friend Ed (from Fairbanks/Anchorage Gray Line days) came over for dinner the other night. He lives with his wife in SF; they're expecting their first baby next month. He was in Marin on business so he gave a call.

Non-visitor news:
*Dane's got an ear infection, so he missed school yesterday. He's on Amoxycillin now. (Have a feeling he got a little worn out over his busy weekend.)

*Teaching pre-school 4-5 hours a week is easy and fun. Sure beats the prep, essay grading, and conferencing required for teaching college writing courses! (I always hated to think of how my hourly wage diminished there...) Of course, the intellectual stimulation is different, though.

* asked me to review 4 more books: High Fidelity, Now You See Her, Walking the Bible, and Talk, Talk. Have read them in the last few months so it won't be the mad dash to re-familiarize myself with lit I'd read 10 years ago -- like last time.

*Mick and I have maps hanging on our bedroom wall with sticky notes and notebook pages tacked up, starting to think more seriously about where we want to live/practice when he graduates in June '08. (Alright, feel free to cast a vote in the comment box...)


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Cyrus and Annie said...

I am so lame. I forgot to tell you I couldn't watch Aubry b/c of Sam's b-day and some other obligations...what a bad friend! Sorry!