Saturday, April 14, 2007


his (Mike's) sketch -- with Aubrey's help

her (Jan's) cut-outs -- with kids' help

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Anonymous said...

Am appreciative I can now blog anonomously and you'll receive my comments. Looks like you've added in what I'd blogged and you didn't receive. That would be that Aubrey really helped out her Grandad with the baseball game art. And I had lots of help from Dane & Aubrey with the sky, water and beach backgrounds for lots of sea-life and beach fun. We kept adding onto the sea-life, people (Dane, Aubrey, Emily, Grammy, Grandad, Mom, Dad & a dolly), beach ball, beach lounge chairs & beach umbrella, fruit basket with a variety of fruits (pineapples, bananas, pears, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and ???), and beach-craft, like sailboats, motorboats and surfboards. Such fun we had making up beach stories and playing with the props.
Dane and I also went wild creating a baseball theme. Went from one player Dane drew and cut out to two teams (stopped at 6 players on each team) and a baseball field. That resulted in lots of laughs and creativity as our teams played each other and Dane & I called out the pitches, strikes, balls, hits, foulballs, catches, missed balls, homeruns and outs. Lots of drama! Challenging to be several players at a time but we met the challenge with vigor.
Thanks for the fond memories, Aubrey & Dane. Am so pleased to have spent such wonderful days in your home with you two dear grandchildren.
Lovingly, Grammy