Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Take the day off from studying, that is...

I'm going to hide Mick's Dental Dex (the thousand-card index file he recently married to study for Boards). I'm also going to lock him out of his office (a.k.a. the laundry room) tonight and tomorrow.

He's reaching burnout mode, and what better day to neglect your studies and indulge yourself in food and family and friendship than on Thanksgiving?

We're headed to the Javadis again this year, along with our friends the Michauds (Shari, Richard, Brighten and Kanyon) and I'm bringing the Brussels Sprouts Sauteed in Bacon, Mom's Candied Yams, Aunt Laurie's Berry Cobbler, and some hog nog (a.k.a. egg nog).

Mick and Dane will be doing the turkey this year:

They didn't like what I did last year:

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Jan & Mike said...

Nice chat with Mick, Dane & Aubrey. Oh, how you all are missed.
Forgot to ask, "Dane and Mick, how'd the turkey go this year"?
What a fun time you all had on T-giving day.
Mom, JJJ & Grammy