Monday, August 07, 2006

Jan Took A SpillHere's what she had to say about it:
Took [this photo] this morn, 24 hours after I was walking with Indi to
Barritt's t-ball game and the sidewalk just up and tripped me. My chin,
nose and forehead - basically my face took the brunt of the impact.
Cement and one's face make for quite a dramatic and painful experience.
Must have frightened Indi a bit with my nose bleeding and also bleeding
from the cut on the bridge of my nose. She was a real trooper - thanks,
Indi! I look a lot like Mike did after his boating drama. I head to
Hawaii for three weeks in two days and then on to San Fran for two
weeks. The first two weeks in Hawaii I'will be a black eyed 'Susan' -
no that'd be a black eyed 'Janice'. Have a headache most of the time
and some neck and lower back and knee muscles that are conversing with
me. My one healthy major joint, right knee, was first to hit the
sidewalk and is abraised and bruised and hopefully not triggered to
lose it's cartilage like the other joints have done.

[Other than the obvious "Poor Jan!" comments, fyi: I'm still working on pix/entries from our trip north, as well as Minihawks updates.]

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Jan & Mike said...

Just reread what I wrote this AM and you need to edit out the 24 hours and make that 48.
More coloration changes keep happening, as is normal.
I visited friends either home or nursing home bound today - they all had chuckles and sympathy, of sorts.
This too shall pass.