Saturday, May 06, 2006


The MOSAIC club at Pacific (basically a diversity club) put on a Cinco de Mayo party at the Post Apartments in downtown San Francisco last night. The Post Apartments are for Pacific DDS students--no kids allowed as residents; however, we brought Dane and Aubrey along for the party.

We did the usual Cinco de Mayo celebrating: ate tacos--well, Aubrey ate a big bowl of grated cheese and a tortilla; does that count?--and cookies, and drank grape sodas and other festive bevies. Although Dane and Aubrey were the only kids, people were great about letting them hang out and participate. Dane played a lot of fussball, Aubrey collected tissue paper fiesta flowers. Mick and I even got to play several games of cut-throat pool with fellow students Ryan and Pete. It was a really fun, low stress night.

Around 10 we started wrapping up to go home, but first we went up to Pete's place on the fourth floor so Dane could check out Pete's light saber, which actually lights up and makes light saber sounds when it makes contact. We also got to see his $1500 custom-made Bobofat costume (I have no idea if that's anywhere close to how to write/say that character's name, but perhaps you're getting the picture that Pete's a Star Wars fanatic; he's also a big video gamer). Dane started telling Pete about the (much smaller) light saber he made at home with his K'Nex set, and Pete said K'Nex were after his time, but he knew about Legos and told Dane it was good for him to build as much and as often as he could. On our way out, Pete showed us some jump-dive-and-roll karate moves he knew. Dane showed him a series of cartwheels.

All the way home (and this morning, and today), Dane's been reminding us to call Pete so we can "set up another play date." He's even designed and set out the specific items he'll bring to Pete's house--his K'Nex light saber and two K'Nex bows and arrows (one for Pete, of course).

We're working on scheduling another playdate.

This morning Mick got up and went mountain bike riding with some guys from school at China Camp, just 15 minutes north in San Rafael. He came home while the kids and I were at the Sausalito Street Faire (yes, that's Fair with an -e) and then he got caught up on some much-needed sleep after his rigorous two-week Endo block (I think he made it home before 10pm one night during that time frame) and a tough Physio exam. The kids napped too after their Cinco de Mayo late night.

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Jan & Mike said...

What a rich weekend. Sounds like a sweet night for all of you. Got to make that 'playdate' happen!
What was the street 'faire' like?
So you powered through another couple of weeks, Mick. YEAH! Hang in there a few more weeks and YEAR ONE will be 'fini'.
Did the basketball event ever happen? Seems that was around sickness time for your gang.
Simply love these blog entries, Anjie. Thanks.
Love, JJJ, Grammy & Mom