Friday, March 31, 2006


I found this in my journal from February:

I had one of those sentimental deja vu moments this morning. I was out in the parking lot with the kids, and looked over at Aubrey. She had these tight little blonde braids trailing down her back; she wore Dane's old jeans for painting day at school; Dane's red Superfriends backpack hung loosely off her shoulders. The sun caught her blonde bright youthful shininess just as this delicate wind breezed by with that unmistakeable fresh scent of new Spring after a few weeks of rain. It was the onset of the school career: it was tininess, independence, life expanding beyond the easy reaches of a mother.


bigshare said...
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bigshare said...

Dear Anj:
As always your prose moves me so. This entry reminds me of the picture of you in your little white dress with the brass-lined cut-outs at the neckline, when you went off to first grade. Would that I had your ability to express my thoughts amd emotions as well as you do through writing and in conversation. I'm glad you have joined the writer's club and will be waiting to see what you create.
Love you...Mom

bigshare said...

Well, these pictures sure show the different sides of Aubsie. Smiling girl at the beach, sweet girl in the wildflowers, and playful girl in the funny outfit...those are some sunglasses, and what's with the hat? Love you, hon. Mema

Jan & Mike said...

Such a wonderful way you have of expressing thoughts. WOW!
Enjoy your writing classes. Please send some of your writings my way - they're such a treat to receive.
Keep up - nurturing others and yourself.
Would you believe, the sun is shining brilliantly this morn and calling me out to absorb its' rays?
Such fond memories were created from my stay in your home. THANKS!
Love to you ALL.