Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Visit From Grammy Jan
(September 21 - October 4)

This'll be brief since I'm a little worn out after our visit from the Energizer Grammy. The kids had countless hours of playtime with Jan while she visited; in fact, all of our friends who met her commented on what a patient, involved, educating, loving grandmother she is. They couldn't believe how lucky we are.

To keep this entry brief (and I plan to add another soon), I'll jot down some highlights:

*Discovery Bay Museum 2x: First time spent a lot of time in the train room and in the art room, second time spent a lot of time in Lookout Cove where the kids sat in on a Spider Presentation (Jan remained as dignified as possible here) and participated in a spider web treasure hunt looking for orb, sheet and tangled spider webs.

*Navy Seal friend Jason stopped by for a day at the beach before driving north to see Kai and Bonita (Jason's mom). Jason is now on assignment until Spring.

*Three hours at Sausalito Beach on a gorgeous Indian summer morning.

*Bubbles on the porch.

*Fireman Dane and family attended the Mill Valley Fireman's Breakfast.

*Aubrey danced in a line with her classmates and twirled a lot. (Whoa. Adorable.)

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