Monday, October 17, 2005

Halloween Bags
by Dane and Aubrey

Obviously, the kids have big dreams of big candy. I can only hope they don't come close to filling them. Maybe I can convince them to use smaller bags next year...

Aubrey was excited about the noses she made on her pumpkins (her friend Hannah recently showed her how to make faces with those L noses); Dane was excited because he proved to me he could draw bubble letters (notice the BOO!! on Aubrey's bag) after just watching me draw his and Aubrey's names in that style that night. Both kids are writing letters well these days and learning to read and spell phonetically--with plenty of room to develop, of course. (They also love exclamation points, thanks to the Schoolhouse Rock video we check out from the library. Remember "In-ter-jec-tions...?")

On Monday the duo will trick-or-treat during their two-hour pre-school class at the Mill Valley Community Center, and in the evening we'll go trick-or-treating in downtown Sausalito with friends/neighbors/fellow dental school family, Shari (married to Richard, a second year) and Brighten (16 months old). Dane will be Dash and Aubs will be Cinderella (pix to come).

1 comment:

Jan & Mike said...

Such a JOY to see your wonderful Halloween bags AGAIN! I remember how excited you were to show me your amazing bags. I love them.
Please bring your Dash & Cinderella outfits when you come to visit. I'm going to ask Barritt, Indi & Jude to bring theirs, too. Perhaps we can have a party.
Nice bubble writing, Dane, and nice noses, Aubrey. You two are so smart and clever.
Give you Mom & Dad a BIG HUG from me.
God bless you all. Have a safe trip.
Mick, hope you can enjoy the time without your dear family. They'll miss you. DISICIPLINE is the word of the day. Love you, Mom