Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Go Ski Racers

The kids had fun up on the slopes yet again this year. They're turning into amazing, competent, slick little skiers, thanks to the Mt. Ashland Racing Association and six hours of instruction with accomplished instructors every week for 12 weeks.

They each raced in one race this year.

Dane earned his best times, meeting his goal to come in under a minute on each run. In fact, I think he got like 50 seconds each run, missing 3rd place by a second, and first place by only a few. It was super exciting.

Aubrey had one solid run with a little over a minute, and then one run that took her quite a bit longer than she'd hoped. She had a great attitude, though, and knew it was just part of the experience.

 Aubs there in the black mittens, waiting to race.

 Dane tired, and tired of waiting.

 Aubs out the gates.

 Aubs headed down the hill.

Aubs earning her participant ribbon.

I didn't get a good picture of Dane coming down the hill, because I waited at the bottom both times and was beside myself as I watched him just cruise. Didn't take a good picture, but loved reveling in the moment!

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KUrlie said...

Looking good Racin' Reynolds kids!!! Love you guys:)